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Proposing a PR to fix a few small typos

timgates42 opened this issue · comments

Issue Type

[x] Bug (Typo)

Steps to Replicate and Expected Behaviour

  • Examine MacOSX/macdll/Exception.c, console/modules/_PAIMEIdiff/, deprecated/, deprecated/,, utils/ and observe occured, however expect to see occurred.
  • Examine console/modules/_PAIMEIpstalker/, pida/ and observe propogate, however expect to see propagate.
  • Examine utils/ and observe disassemly, however expect to see disassembly.
  • Examine MacOSX/macdll/Exception.c and observe succes, however expect to see success.
  • Examine console/modules/_PAIMEIpstalker/ and observe occurence, however expect to see occurrence.
  • Examine ollydbg_connector/plugin.h and observe menues, however expect to see menus.
  • Examine console/modules/ and observe insiginificant, however expect to see insignificant.
  • Examine console/modules/_PAIMEIpstalker/ and observe informaton, however expect to see information.
  • Examine ollydbg_connector/plugin.h and observe hiliting, however expect to see highlighting.
  • Examine ollydbg_connector/plugin.h and observe highlited, however expect to see highlighted.
  • Examine MacOSX/macdll/MacDll.c and observe fuctions, however expect to see functions.
  • Examine console/modules/ and observe fuction, however expect to see function.
  • Examine and observe excplicity, however expect to see explicitly.
  • Examine ollydbg_connector/plugin.h and observe decription, however expect to see description.
  • Examine MacOSX/macdll/Exception.c and observe demostration, however expect to see demonstration.


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To avoid wasting CI processing resources a branch with the fix has been
prepared but a pull request has not yet been created. A pull request fixing
the issue can be prepared from the link below, feel free to create it or
request @timgates42 create the PR. Alternatively if the fix is undesired please
close the issue with a small comment about the reasoning.