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Decentralized Machine Learning Client

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Sonar observes all models being trained and ensures that occuppation occurs fairly. It’s a smart contract running on an Ethereum Blockchain that holds bounties and stores pointers to AI models on IPFS.

Using Docker

We prepared a Docker container of the Sonar smart contract running on a private in-memory ethereum blockchain.


docker run -d -p 9545:9545 openmined/sonar:edge
# :edge for the latest dev build
# :latest (default) for stable builds

Everytime you restart the docker container all interactions to the chain will be reset and you will have a clean image (with nothing but the contract).

Local installation

Get the repo
git clone git@github.com:OpenMined/Sonar.git
cd Sonar
npm install
Start the development environment

Sonar uses truffle develop built in environment on It will display the first 10 accounts and the mnemonic used to create those accounts.

npm run develop
Deploy contracts

In a new tab, compile and deploy the contracts

npm run migrate
npm test


Decentralized Machine Learning Client

License:Apache License 2.0


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