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DEPRECATED- see https://github.com/OpenMined/OpenMined or https://github.com/OpenMined/PySyft

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This library has been deprecated due to changes in strategy and roadmap. To actively contribute based on our current roadmap, checkout OpenMined, PySyft, or join our slack

Service for Storing And Interacting with Secrets (particularly Keys or MPC Shares) Off Blockchain

The goal of this library is to allow developers of OpenMined to simulate participating in a network where others have access to secret information that developers do not. In the trivial case, Capsule can generate a private Encryption key and never reveal it to the developer. See the notebooks folder for tutorials on how to use the library.

Step 1: Open Terminal and Run:

sh build_and_run.sh

Step 2: Open Terminal and Run:

jupyter notebook

Step 3: Select Notebook

In the notebooks folder, you'll find that there are several example notebooks showing how to use the Capsule. You'll find that the general setup is a server (which you started in Step 1) which holds onto secret information. From the Jupyter notebook you can interact with the server as if you were interacting with individuals on a live global network.

Current Research

NuCypherKMS: decentralized key management system

ZoE: Zcash over Ethereum cross chain zk-snarks

Hawk: blockchain model of cryptography and privacy-preserving smart contracts

Fast and Secure Linear Regression and Biometric Authentication with Security Update

A Comparison of the Homomorphic Encryption Schemes:

Multi-bit homomorphic encryption based on learning with errors over rings


DEPRECATED- see https://github.com/OpenMined/OpenMined or https://github.com/OpenMined/PySyft

License:Apache License 2.0


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