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ROS Catkin package to track people using octree and cluster extraction

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S3-8 Quanergy Sensor

saberclaw1213 opened this issue · comments

Hi, I am using about mentioned sensor. Please suggest what changes do I have to make in-order to get this working. Also how to rosbag play -l bagname.bag or how can I initialize lidar using IP

Hi @saberclaw1213
Check out issue #1

Rosbag will just advertise the topic, so make sure you set the subscriber topic accordingly.
All this package does is take input from a point cloud topic (i.e. /lidar/pointcloud), run the data through filters, ortrees, and detect then mark clusters.

Screenshot from 2019-07-12 16-14-18
I got it running. But my output seems like this. Can you please suggest any improvement @MyNameIsCosmo