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Join the GitHub Graduation Yearbook and "walk the stage" on June 11.

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GitHub Graduation-2022

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This repository contains the yearbook for GitHub Graduation 2022. By issuing a pull request to this repository, you can request to be added to the GitHub Class of 2022.

The first 7,500 pull request successfully merged into the repository by May 27 will receive custom trading card, stickers, and letter in the mail.

Privacy Notice πŸ‘€

Consider that all the information that you add to this repository will be publicly available.

  • If you don't feel comfortable with displaying your full name, you can include a short name or nickname instead.

Who can apply πŸ“

We invite any student who has graduated, or plans to graduate, in 2022 to apply to the yearbook. This includes bootcamps, code camps, high school graduates, Master's graduates, Ph. D. Graduates, etc.

The eligibility criteria are -

  1. You have been verified as a student with the GitHub Student Developer Pack. Not yet a part of the Pack? Apply here.
  2. You have not participated in a past GitHub Graduation event.
  3. You identify as a graduate in the year 2022.

How to join the Class of 2022

Here are two steps to join graduation and receive your custom trading card and stickers in the mail.

  1. Fill out the shipping form ⚠️ the form needs to be done before creating your Pull Request (PR) and does not guarantee participation in the event. Your PR must successfully merge into the repository and only the first 7,500 merged PRs will receive cards in the mail.
  2. Submit a pull request with your profile information to join the Yearbook and be highlighted in the graduation event.

1. Fill out the shipping form.

Information submitted to the swag shipment form is only used to ship trading cards for graduation. Submitting the form does not guarantee you will receive anything in the mail. Only the first 7,500 graduates to merge their Pull Request to the GitHub Yearbook will receive a shipment.

2. Add yourself to Yearbook 🏫

Replace <YOUR-USERNAME> with your GitHub username in this guide.

First, create the folder _data/YOUR-USERNAME/

Fork this repository, create a new folder inside the _data folder, and name it with your username. It should look something like this _data/<YOUR-USERNAME>/. Ex.


Second, add your profile information

Create a markdown file in your folder following the convention <YOUR-USERNAME>.md. Ex.


Copy the next template into your file, delete the boilerplate data and fill the information with yours.

name: FULLNAME-OR-NICKNAME # No longer than 28 characters
institution: INSTITUTION-NAME 🚩 # no longer than 58 characters
quote: YOUR-SENIOR-QUOTE # no longer than 100 characters, avoid using quotes(") to guarantee the format remains the same.

Do not use special characters in the template above.

Third, submit your Pull Request

Go through the checklist on the pull request template to guarantee your submission is valid. The GitHub Education team will review your application, approve and merge your submission if everything is correct. Otherwise, you will get notified of the changes requested in the pull request comment section.

Having trouble submitting your Pull Request? Ask for help in the GitHub Community!

Graduation Stories 2022 πŸ‘©β€πŸ«πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« (optional)

Looking for more ways to participate in GitHub Graduation and the possibility of being featured on our social account?

We want to hear about the amazing things you achieved during your academic year and how GitHub helped you to accomplish your goals. Take a moment to record a video or write a message and share your story with us, your teachers, and your classmates.

How to participate

We are looking forward to hearing what you have to say, and we are grateful to have you as part of our community πŸ’– Remember: you have until May 30th to submit your story!

A note on swag πŸ›

The first 7,500 successfully merged PRs will receive a custom holographic developer trading card with their GitHub status in the mail.

What does this mean? We will use your public GitHub profile information to create a trading card. To ensure your trading card best reflects you, please make sure your GitHub profile picture and bio are up to date and what you would like shown on the card.

Graduation Day πŸŽ“

Don't forget to watch the livestream!

Questions about GitHub Graduation? Ask in the GitHub Community Discussions.


Join the GitHub Graduation Yearbook and "walk the stage" on June 11.


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