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Headless Stripe Payments Using Firebase Functions

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Headless Stripe Payments Using Firebase Functions

The simplest possible payment implementation - applicable to any website.

Implementation of Stripe's Direct Charge payment using all 3 available methods. Any one would suffice, however all are included to demonstrate. These include:

  • Stripe Elements - pre-built UI components for building checkout flow
  • Payment Request Button - supporting Apple Pay, Google Pay and the Payment Request API
  • Stripe Checkout - embeddable payment form popup

Firebase Function implemented using a http trigger.

Example code uses Firebase Hosting, but can be hosted anywhere.

Further reading:

Front-end Code

See file public/index.html for all html and js code.

Functions Code

See file functions/index.js for the code.

The dependencies are listed in functions/package.json.

Deploy and test

To test this integration:

  • Create a Firebase Project using the Firebase Developer Console
  • Enable billing on your project by switching to the Blaze or Flame plan. See pricing for more details. This is required to be able to do requests to non-Google services.
  • Install Firebase CLI Tools if you have not already and log in with firebase login.
  • Configure this sample to use your project using firebase use --add and select your project.
  • Install dependencies locally by running: cd functions; npm install; cd -
  • Add your Stripe API Secret Key to firebase config:
    firebase functions:config:set stripe.token=<YOUR STRIPE SECRET KEY>
  • Pass your Stripe publishable key to the STRIPE_PUBLIC_KEY variable in public/index.html
  • Deploy your function using firebase deploy --only functions
  • Pass your new Firebase Function URL to the FIREBASE_FUNCTION variable in public/index.html
  • Deploy your hosting using firebase deploy --only hosting
  • Test your Stripe integration by viewing your deployed site firebase open hosting:site
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Headless Stripe Payments Using Firebase Functions

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