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A tslint integration for vscode

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VSCode extension to support tslint. This README describes the development setup, for information about the published extension refer to the README in the tslint folder.

Development setup

  • run npm install inside the tslint and tslint-server folders
  • open VS Code on tslint and tslint-server or open a workspace with the client and server by opening vscode-tslint.code-workspace
  • compile the server once (see developing the server)

Developing the server

  • open VS Code on tslint-server
  • run npm run compile or npm run watch to build the server and copy it into the tslint folder
  • to debug press F5 which attaches a debugger to the server
  • to trace the server communication you can enable the setting: "tslint.trace.server": "verbose", "messages"

Developing the extension/client

  • open VS Code on tslint
  • run F5 to build and debug the extension

If you want to debug server and extension at the same time; 1st debug extension and then start server debugging after you have opened a typescript file that activates the extension.

Manual Tests

Manual tests can be found in the tslint-tests folder.


A tslint integration for vscode



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