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Database after Ancient Data Prune:

Ancient Data Prune is a new feature in bsc v1.1.8

Asia Endpoint


Pruned database:

Asia Endpoint


EU Endpoint


US Endpoint


MD5 checksum: b79f77a7d97f7e97851a90acd6691f5c


Step 1: Preparation

  • Make sure your hardware meets the suggested requirement.
  • A disk with enough free storage, at least twice the size of the snapshot.

Step 2: Download && Uncompress

  • Copy the above snapshot URL.
  • Download: wget -O geth.tar.lz4 "<paste snapshot URL here>" . It will take one or two hours to download the snapshot, you can put it in the backgroud by nohup wget -O geth.tar.gz "<paste snapshot URL here?" &

If you need to speedup download, just use aria2c

aria2c -o geth.tar.lz4 -x 4 -s 12 "URL TO ASIA ENDPOINT" "URL TO EU ENDPOINT" "URL TO US ENDPOINT"
  • Uncompress: tar -I lz4 -xvf geth.tar.lz4. It will take more than two hours to uncompress. You can put it in the backgroud by nohup tar -I lz4 xvf geth.tar.lz4 &
  • You can combine the above steps by running a script:
wget -O geth.tar.lz4  "<paste snapshot URL here>"
tar -I lz4 xvf geth.tar.lz4
  • If you do not need to store the archive for use with other nodes, you may also extract it while downloading to save time and disk space:
wget -q -O - <snapshot URL> | tar -I lz4 -xvf -

Step 3: Replace Data

  • First, stop the running bsc client if you have one by kill {pid}, and make sure the client has shut down.
  • Consider backing up the original data: mv ${BSC_DataDir}/geth/chaindata ${BSC_DataDir}/geth/chaindata_backup; mv ${BSC_DataDir}/geth/triecache ${BSC_DataDir}/geth/triecache_backup
  • Replace the data: mv server/data-seed/geth/chaindata ${BSC_DataDir}/geth/chaindata; mv server/data-seed/geth/triecache ${BSC_DataDir}/geth/triecache
  • Start the bsc client again and check the logs