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Compatibility with Meteor 1.3

priezz opened this issue · comments

Hello, what are the plans to make this brilliant package more aligned with Meteor 1.3 capabilities by removing the dependancy from meteorhacks:npm and using new built-in Meteor facilities for npm?

Yes, I'll work on it as soon as the 1.3 appears. Also we need to split js and css minifiers because in 1.3 there are separated packages for them.
If I find some time, I'll create a branch for 1.3 modifications before Meteor 1.3 release.

There is a branch for it: , but there will be probably some changes till Meteor 1.3
We need to wait

Thank you for the quick update! Have you pushed the newer version to atmosphere?

$ meteor add juliancwirko:postcss@1.0.0
 => Errors while parsing arguments:           

While adding package juliancwirko:postcss@1.0.0:
error: no such version juliancwirko:postcss@1.0.0

Without @1.0.0 it installes version 0.2.5.

I am running Meteor METEOR@1.3-modules-beta.4 meteor.

No it isn't on Atmosphere. I don't want to push the beta. But you can clone the branch and test it as local package for now, it should work that way too.
I think there could be some small changes so it is better to not push it right now.

I see, thanks!

although I can release 1.0.0_beta-1 but it could be confusing and I don't know if many people want to use this package with beta version of Meteor 1.3

I believe you can publish 1.0.0_beta, which is dependant on Meteor 1.3 and
up. In this case Meteor 1.2 users will still use 0.2.5. Maybe I am wrong
and Meteor packaging system works differently In this case that could be
the separate package (:postcss_beta or similar).

Yes, you're right. It should work that way. Ok I'll try to find a moment to improve docs (there should be some text about migration from older versions which uses meteorhacs:npm because it isn't automatic, you need to clean npm-container .json files etc.) Anyway I'll try to push the beta to the Atmosphere today.

Ok, there is 1.0.0-beta.1 on Atmosphere. You need to remove package and add it by meteor add juliancwirko:postcss@1.0.0-beta.1

You can also clean the project. Here is the info: