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Error After Update to 2.0.7

Saeeed-B opened this issue · comments

@StorytellerCZ hi
Error After Update to 2.0.7:
I have tested the software many times. This problem is only due to the update to the new version.


These bugs took hours of our time, please follow up.

I can only see dependencies updates and one fix for Cordova for 2.0.7
In the case of the error you are getting it means that file._source.url is undefined. 🤔
Can you provide a reproduction repo or form locally and add a log around there to see what is the input you are getting?


I'm having a similar issue too, I can't deploy to galaxy anymore. How do we fix this?

Errors prevented deploying: While minifying app stylesheet: packages/minifier-postcss/plugin/minify-css.js:137:56: Cannot read property 'replace' of null at packages/minifier-postcss/plugin/minify-css.js:137:56 at (<anonymous>) at mergeCss (packages/minifier-postcss/plugin/minify-css.js:119:23) at CssToolsMinifier.processFilesForBundle (packages/minifier-postcss/plugin/minify-css.js:89:18)

I returned to version 2.0.6 and it works

@flean can you please provide a quick reproduction or add some logging so that we know what input you are getting?

Same issue for us: Dumping one of the files it iterates on, looks like the _source.url is null for some files that are imported from NPM packages.

Commit 7049792 seems to be the issue. Perhaps this is simply just checking for the case the _source.url is null but not sure why you would want to change the url for cordova builds manually anyway?

"_source": {
"info": "resource /node_modules/@fullcalendar/common/main.css",
"sourceMap": null,
"sourceMapRoot": null,
"targetPath": "app/node_modules/@fullcalendar/common/main.css",
"url": null,
"urlPrefix": "",
"cacheable": false,
"nodeModulesDirectories": {},
"assets": null,
"_contents": {
"type": "Buffer",
"data": [
//commented out Buffer
"_inputHash": "23de08280f8908cca3442ed92653bff3ad8d724c",
"_hash": "dcd19a1595e6437bd7b52c17093d4fa07807b02c",
"_sri": "5MFsuWkSlnuExv3jYZtiQvxqYZsEhldd99/ax+ucjptz44SoOdkL1dRIIUcOPn9GkjnalhY9ld+fBvv4jbKIuw=="
"_arch": "web.browser.legacy",
"_minifiedFiles": []

Let's go for the simplest solution first by adding a conditional there.

@Saeeed-B forgot to ask if this is resolved for you.

Now yes

Great! I will close this for now then.