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CSS files inside the Imports directory are not being picked up.

perinikhil opened this issue · comments

I want to use autoprefixer to prefix my CSS files.

Following the new directory structure from Meteor 1.3, I've defined my components to contain a single HTML, CSS and JS file. The problem is, autoprefixer does not pick up the CSS files defined inside of the Imports root level directory.

The PostCSS and autoprefixer plugins work fine when the styles are defined in the Client root level directory however.

Hey, I can't speak for this package, but it's the normal behaviour of meteor to not import stuff from the import folder automatically. You may have to import your css files like described here from your import folder to your client folder?

For imports you can use stylus or scss package. It works if you need to do something like:

in main.styl

@import '{}/imports/ui/stylesheets/test.styl';

in imports/ui/stylesheet/test.styl:

  display flex

example output:

.test1 {
  display: -webkit-flex;
  display: -ms-flexbox;
  display: flex;

Of course you need to have stylus package installed, autoprefixer from npm, and you need to configure postcss package properly.