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Meteor 1.4: Hangs on minifying app stylesheet

joncursi opened this issue · comments

The new Meteor 1.4 hangs on startup on Minifying app stylesheet when this package is installed:

screen shot 2016-07-25 at 11 57 14 pm

Removing this package will allow Meteor to start. Any ideas?

Hi, hard to say, I need to investigate what might be the case. Could you test it on the same app but with Meteor 1.3 ? I wonder if this is something related to the new Meteor version. I'll try to test it on 1.4 asap.

It works on Meteor 1.3.x, I had this package previously installed before attempting the Meteor 1.4 upgrade and that's where things broke.

ok then, I need some time to do some research and testing. I'll keep you posted.

Hi, it seems to work, sort of, but it needs loooooooooooooooooooong time to compile those styles ;) I've left it for about 15-20 minutes and it works like it should ;) Of course this can't be accepted, but it could be very hard to debug. At least for me :/

Maybe someone want to help with this?

Sorry to say this, but in my opinion Meteor is useless when you want to use pro front-end tooling. Such tasks like PostCSS, CSS Modules configuration etc. should be as simple as adding one package/loader/plugin, and it is as simple as that with for example Webpack. You could try to use webpack:webpack package. Or you could split your code like I've done here
For now I can't see a proper way to implement PostCSS in Meteor :/

You can also try with nathantreid:css-modules it has PostCSS support too, maybe it will work with Meteor 1.4

Sad news 😞

I'm using nathantreid:css-modules and the situation isn't any better. Hopefully the Meteor team can resolve this quickly. I obviously can't update to 1.4 until this is fixed.

Oh, so if this is something wrong with the build tool then this is a good news (sort of ;)).
There is a hope that it will work without another amount of weird hacks in this package (just to be able to use PostCSS in Meteor) ;)

@clayne11 did you by chance create an issue on the Meteor github repo? I only created one here because my initial thought was that this was a package issue not a meteor issue, but if multiple packages have the same issue, maybe we should surface this as an issue on the meteor repo as well

EDIT: looks like @crazile already did this! thanks!

Yes I did create an issue.



I'm only using the auto-prefixer plugin and it works.
I have to check which plugin is delaying the processt that much

The situation has improved immensely with the Meteor 1.4.2 betas.

On Sun, Oct 2, 2016, 13:47 Namir wrote:

I'm only using the auto-prefixer plugin and it works.
I have to check which plugin is delaying the processt that much

You are receiving this because you were mentioned.
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In case this helps anyone else, I was able to track this down to a CSS import with the postcss-easy-import plugin. I had found an example import for my main css file similar to:

@import 'react-treeview/react-treeview.css';

where react-treeview was in my node_modules folder. Build times were improved by an order of magnitude when I changed my import to:

@import '../node_modules/react-treeview/react-treeview.css';

I have not had the chance yet to track down the exact cause yet.

it seems that with new versions of Meteor it works. I'll close this. Let me know if there is something to add.