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Similar to rogue, but in ruby

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Installing Ruby Curses

Ruby curses is a binding to the C library curses. You will need to install the specific version of curses for your OS before downloading and running the program.

For Linux

If you're using a Debian based distribution (Ubuntu, Mint, ...) you can run the following command:

apt install libncurses5-dev


The version of curses that comes installed by default does not incude several features that are required to run this program. To work around this do the following:

use homebrew to install curses: brew install curses then buid the gem: gem install curses -- --with-ncurses-dir=$(brew --prefix ncurses)

For Windows

Ruby curses packages a version of PDCurses, so you don't need to install extra libraries. However, if you prefer ncurses to PDCurses, specify the following option: gem install curses -- --use-system-libraries

Downloading, Testing, And Running Program

  • Install curses using instructions above
  • Clone the directory: cd <target-directory>; git clone <link_to_repo>
  • Install dependencies: bundle install
  • Run specs: rspec spec/
  • Run program optionally providing the map you want to use: ruby draw.rb <map-file-path>


Curses gets in the way of REPLs like pry so instead include the logging module and use or something similar to get debugging info. The default log file is "maze.log".

Playing The Game

The goal of the game is to move the player from the beginning tile to the goal tile in as few moves as possible. All input is from the keyboard:

Movement: h - left j - up k - down l - right

Game Control: q - quit the game

Building Custom Maps

Maps are simply text files made up of characters that represent the game tiles. Currently there are four characters that are used to make maps.

\* = Ground - Enterable tile representing open space \# = Wall - Unenterable tile representing a solid wall ~ = Water - Unenterable tile, for now $ = Goal - When this tile is entered, the player completes the level and final score is calculated


Similar to rogue, but in ruby


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