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At some point in the near future I'll need to reorganize things as I start filling the repo with more distro specific linux config files and scripts, but for now many of the new files, particularly extra readmes and anything related to x windows are all planned to go into an archlinux directory with everything else not relating enough to anything else to be worthy of a directory.

.vimrc: uses vim-plug from here:

mostly getting plugins from

vim commands: :FixWhitespace , removes whitespace at end of lines ctrl + a , comments out a section of code ctrl + b , uncomments out a section of code

airline requires 'set laststatus=2' in vimrc to work

syntastic requires a syntax checker e.g for python using flake8 check out the documenation online, dont bother with the vim command

.gitconfig: shortcuts for git. these are all lifted from other gitconfig files that were shared with me



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