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trdrop - a raw video analysis program

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trdrop - v1.1.1

ˈtɛr-dɹɑp - a raw video analysis program



- Please create an issue if you encounter problems and search the closed issues for already solved ones.

- If you want to have a specific feature in mind, please attach as much exemplary information as possible (screenshots, mockups)

See the release page for the Windows installer. Other distributions are on the roadmap (Linux, MacOS).


The main use of this software is to estimate the "real" framerate of an uncompressed video.

Usually, a dedicated capture card is employed to capture the video stream with a fixed framerate of a console. To estimate the real framerate of the console, we check for differences on a frame-by-frame basis and count the different frames. This results in the "real" framerate.

The same is done with the frametime, as we count the amount of time a single frame is shown.

We also try to detect frametears and incorporate them into the framerate and frametime calculation.

Hence the name tr (short for tear) and a framerate drop.


  • Comparisson of up to 3 videos in parallel
    • any resolution
    • any raw and "real" framerate
  • Export as imagesequence in .png or .jpg
    • Supporting 16:9 export resolution
  • Framerate estimation
    • Customizable plot visualization (color + time)
    • Customizable text overlay (font + color + position)
    • "Centered" plot also possible
  • Frametime estimation
    • Customizable plot visualization (color + time)
  • Tear detection
    • complementing tears don't change the framerate (configurable)
    • Visualization (color)
  • CSV export
    • Framerate
    • Frametime
  • Visual overlay export
  • Difference frame export

See the for gifs I made while developing the application.

We will provide a detailed explanation and showcase in the future.


trdrop is a free, open-source project we develop in our spare time. While we do our best to make it as accurate as possible, we cannot guarantee that it is free of errors.

We do not take responsibility for analysis errors or inaccuracies that might damage or improve the reputation of any brand or organization. trdrop is not an accurate scientific tool, but merely a demonstration of different algorithms.


trdrop is created with the Qt framework and OpenCV. Please follow the guidelines to get started.


MIT License. Commercial use is allowed.

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trdrop - a raw video analysis program

License:MIT License


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