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If your favorite game isn't working on Xenia, the best way to prioritize it is to find it in the game compatibility list and give the OP a thumbs up reaction. This allows the developers to find popular games quickly.

If you've looked in the list and couldn't find your game - see the following section:

Report/Issue Guidelines:

If you would like to submit a game-compatibility issue, please fill in the Game Compatibility Report template, or else your issue will be closed.

What NOT to post:

  • Issues that are empty, or don't edit/use the template whatsoever.
  • Non-English comments except for posting untranslated comment alongside translated comment.
  • Comments with bad spelling/grammar:
    • Vulkan is a graphics API. Vulcan is a species from Star Trek. Vulcun is related to eSports. Vulkin is an Undertale character. Learn the difference.
  • Non-game-specific Xenia issue(s).
  • Results not from master.
  • Tech Support:
    • How do I do/fix X?
    • How do I get games?
    • Why won't Xenia start?
    • Why is Xenia running slow/low FPS? etc.
  • Begging:
    • Please fix this/get it working/etc!
    • When/how will this be fixed?
    • This was my childhood game, please get it working.

Comments that fall under this may be deleted.

Repeat offenders will be blocked from this repository.

If you would like help with Xenia go to our Discord server's #help channel.

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