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This was once just a plugin to prevent game unpausing.

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A plugin for all your pausing needs.


  1. Download the DLL corresponding to your game / engine:

    Source SDK (Base) 2013 / SteamPipe / Latest spt-2013.dll
    Black Mesa spt-bms.dll
    Source SDK (Base) 2006 / Old Engine spt-oe.dll
    Source SDK (Base) 2007 / Source Unpack / New Engine spt.dll
  2. Place the DLL into the correct folder:

    SDK Folder
    Old Engine/Portal 3420 Topmost bin with AdminServer.dll etc.
    Old Engine mods Source SDK Base\bin
    Half-Life: Source hl1
    Half-Life 2 hl2
    Half-Life 2: Episode 1 episodic
    Half-Life 2: Episode 2 ep2
    Portal portal
    Black Mesa bms
  3. Launch the game.

  4. Go to Options > Keyboard > Advanced, check Enable developer console, and press OK.

  5. Press the tilde key (~) and enter plugin_load spt into the developer console.

    Add plugin_load spt to cfg/autoexec.cfg to load SourcePauseTool automatically.

    Loading SourcePauseTool more than once will crash the game!


You will need Visual Studio 2019 and git.

  1. Open Visual Studio 2019. Click on Tools → Get Tools and Features... from the top bar of the window. This should open the Visual Studio Installer in another window. From the Workload tab, install "Desktop development with C++". From the Individual Components tab, install:

    • MSVC v141 - VS 2017 C++ x64/x86 build tools
    • C++ Windows XP Support for VS 2017 (v141) tools
  2. Run the following in cmd:

    git clone --recurse-submodules
  3. If Windows asks which program to open spt.sln with, choose Visual Studio.

    If Visual Studio asks to retarget projects, press OK.

    Once Visual Studio is open, right click libMinHook, click Properties, change Platform Toolset to the one corresponding to your Visual Studio version, and press OK.

  4. Choose the build configuration

    SDK Configuration
    Source SDK 2007 (Source Unpack/New Engine/Orange Box) Release
    Source SDK 2013 (SteamPipe/latest) Release 2013
    Black Mesa Release BMS
    Source SDK 2006 (Old Engine) Release OE
  5. Click Build > Build Solution.

    spt*.dll will be in hl2sdk\utils\SourcePauseTool\<Build Configuration>

.srctas documentation

.srctas is the SPT TAS script format. You can find its documentation here.


See the contributing guide here.

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This was once just a plugin to prevent game unpausing.



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