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OpenPLC Runtime version 3

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OpenPLC Runtime version 3

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OpenPLC is an open-source Programmable Logic Controller that is based on easy to use software. Our focus is to provide a low cost industrial solution for automation and research. OpenPLC has been used in many research papers as a framework for industrial cyber security research, given that it is the only controller to provide the entire source code. The OpenPLC Project consists of three sub-projects:

  1. Runtime
  2. Programming editor
  3. HMI builder


git clone
cd OpenPLC_v3
./ [platform]

Where [platform] can be:

win - Install OpenPLC on Windows over Cygwin

linux - Install OpenPLC on a Debian-based Linux distribution

docker - Used by the Dockerfile (i.e. doesn't invoke sudo)

rpi - Install OpenPLC on a Raspberry Pi

custom - Skip all specific package installation and tries to install OpenPLC assuming your system already has all dependencies met. This option can be useful if you're trying to install OpenPLC on an unsuported Linux platform or had manually installed all the dependency packages before.

Building, Installing and Running inside Docker

Make sure docker is installed


# instead of running as stated above, run:
docker build -t openplc:v3 .


Devices can be passed to the docker daemon using the -v flag (e.g. -v /dev/ttyACM0:/dev/ttyACM0)

docker run -it --rm --privileged -p 8080:8080 openplc:v3


OpenPLC Runtime version 3


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