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Simple to build/use NFC tag reader, specially created for Home Assistant

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Tag Reader for Home Assistant

The tag reader is a simple to build/use NFC tag reader, specially created for Home Assistant. It is using a D1 mini ESP 8266 and the PN532 NFC module. The firmware is built using ESPhome.

I am selling a pre-built version, a DIY version (assembly required) or just the case (use with own components). Check it out on my website.

Photos of the final product

Building the tag reader

To build your own tag reader, you need the following components:

The 3D models for the case are here.

WARNING regarding AZdelivery D1. We have had several users contacting us with different issues, we don't recommend using these boards and won't provide support for them.
Recent reports suggesting more clones of the D1 is now working as expected. This has been verified on a AZdelivery D1.

Connecting the components

Photo of schematics

There are not too many components to connect, but it does require soldering. You will need the following:

Also make sure that you have set the switches on the PN532 to the following:

  • Switch 1: On (up)
  • Switch 2: Off (down)

This enables the PN532 module to communicate with the D1 over I2C, and is required for the modules to work together!

To flash the reader firmware to your D1 Mini you point ESPHome at tagreader.yaml.

⚠️ The tag reader requires ESPHome 1.16.0.

If you're new to ESPHome, we recommend that you use the ESPHome Home Assistant add-on.

Open Case

Configuring for use with Home Assistant

The tag reader requires Home Assistant 0.115 or later.

If the tag reader is unable to connect to a wifi network, it will start a WiFi access point with a captive portal to allow you to enter your WiFi credentials.

The tag reader will be automatically discovered by Home Assistant once the tag reader is connected to the same network. You can follow the instructions in the UI to set it up.


Scanned tags can be managed from the tags interface in Home Assistant. You can find it under config -> tags.

Screenshot of the Home Assistant tag UI


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Simple to build/use NFC tag reader, specially created for Home Assistant


License:GNU General Public License v3.0


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