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Learning OpneGL with GLFW+GLAD / SDL+GLEW

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An attempt to learn opengl with c++11 and modern techniques and design patterns. To work with this repository you need at least one window manager library and one extension loader. I chose GLFW for the first one and GLAD for the socond one.

But you can also use SDL, GLEW or other options.

Design patterns

  1. State pattern
  2. Singleton


  • git
  • gcc(clang)
  • SDL2-devel
  • GLFW
  • GLEW
  • GLAD


chmod +x

Now you can use bash functions as operations.

Build the project: build

Run it: run

Clean the build directory: clean

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Learning OpneGL with GLFW+GLAD / SDL+GLEW

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:C++ 87.2%Language:Vim script 5.8%Language:HLSL 3.2%Language:Shell 3.0%Language:C 0.8%