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A meta-government is a government inside a government.
You can also see this concept as policies bundles addons to which someone voluntarily subscribe.

The concept of meta-government is among the top 10 list of obvious impacting things that should be mainstream but are not. Basically, our governments are remarkably mediocre, which is in many ways, a mirror of the state of their electorate. The extent of suboptimals (or plain dumb) actions and inactions made by indirect democracies is computationally and qualia-ly far too high for a human brain to fully realize. Hence if follows those missions and omissions are one of the biggest utilitaristic costs/missed opportunities we have. France spends 56.5% of its money on government expenses. That's right, people's private consumptions and finance investment are less than what the government spend.

How does the goals of a layer 1 and layer 2 government differ?