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File Name

We prefer hyphens (kebab-case) this-file-name vs underscores (snake_case) this_file_name



  • VSCode
  • Node LTS

Start development environment

Running app server directly on your local machine's environment

  • Start your app server
npm start
# you might also want to migrate the DB with this command below
npm run migration:run



  • Node LTS

Run the test

npm test

Database migration

Before continuing, please learn about the fundamentals of migration with TypeORM here

On first time setting up the DB

Run migration

npm run migration:run

If you made new changes to the db

Modifying columns in entities, or adding new entities (migration file is a class, start with CapitalLetter) Please refer to 1571751456489-Init.ts for changes to be made to the migration file to satisfy linting rules

It's a good idea to generate a new migration for every atomic changes made to the db

Generate migration

npm run migration:generate -- -n <migration-name> # eg. add-disbursement-column

If you made a mistake on running migration

Revert will revert migration file by file

Revert migration

npm run migration:revert

If you need a manual migration

For eg you need to add new extensions or simply custom migration

Create migration

npm run migration:create -- -n <MigrationName>
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