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OpenAPI 3.0 converter to .docx format

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A Golang-based tool to convert OpenAPI spec into .docx based format.

Licensed under MIT License


  1. Convert OpenAPI spec into .docx format
  2. Support OpenAPI 3.0 version
  3. Feature to automatically push the result into Google Drive*1

*1 need to have Google Cloud Platform account with additional steps required. Tutorial below.


  • Go >= v1.14


  1. Make sure you have fulfilled the requirements above
  2. Git clone
  3. Go build go build -i -o go-openapi-converter app/main.go
  4. Type go-openapi-converter -h to learn more about the available commands
  5. Type convert -s sample.v1.yaml -t template/standard.docx -o result.sample.docx to convert OpenAPI spec into .docx format
  6. Type upload -c credentials.sample.json -d directory -e -f result.sample.docx to upload file into Google Drive
  7. To learn more about each command, please type -h

Tutorial - Push result to Google Drive

  1. Use Google Cloud Platform. If you don't have any account, please create it first.
  2. Go to console > create new project
  3. On menu, choose APIs & Services > choose Library
  4. Search Google Drive API > click Enable
  5. If this is your first time, you need to create OAuth Consent Screen. Go to APIs & Services > choose OAuth consent screen
  6. Create new app > set user type as External, set the scope for Google APIs based on your needs > click Save
  7. Back to APIs & Services > choose Credentials > click + Create Credentials > choose Service account
  8. Fill up the Service account detail based on your preference > set permission based on your preference (i.e. Project Owner) > Create key in JSON format > store the result

Known Limitation

  1. Only support for application/json based schema
  2. Not support nested $ref
  3. The order of endpoint between table of content and list of endpoint hasn't same yet
  4. Numbering list does not appear on Google Docs


  1. Fork this repository
  2. Clone this repository into your local machine (git clone
  3. Go to the project directory (cd go-openapi-converter)
  4. Create a new branch (git checkout -b your-new-feature)
  5. Make changes and add commit them
  6. Push your branch into the fork-ed repository (git push origin your-new-feature)
  7. Create new pull request (

Main Dependencies

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OpenAPI 3.0 converter to .docx format

License:MIT License


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