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Themes for your IPython Notebook

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Base 16 for IPython Notebook

Custom style sheets for IPython Notebook, using Chris Kempson's Base16 color scheme generator


####Ocean dark

ocean dark theme screenshot

####Solarized light

solarized light theme screenshot


To use these styles, you'll need to place the style sheet of your choice in the static folder for your ipython profile. If you don't have a custom profile, run:

ipython profile create <profile-name>

To locate the directory of your profile, do:

ipython locate profile <profile-name>

Your style sheet will need to be named custom.css and placed in the /static/custom directory of your profile. So you might grab the ocean-dark theme like so:

wget -O `ipython locate profile <profile-name>`/static/custom/custom.css


You can edit the templates (located in ./ipython-2/templates and ./ipython-3/templates) by running make.

What happened to the toolbar?

You will probably notice that the top toolbar is gone in these styles. I've hidden it in the CSS by default, as I find it mostly useless. If you want it back, just comment out this line:

div#maintoolbar, div#header {display: none !important;}

Custom fonts

You can use custom fonts in IPython Notebook by uncommenting a block of code at the top, eg:

div#notebook, div.CodeMirror, div.output_area pre, div.output_wrapper, div.prompt {
  font-family: 'Inconsolata', monospace !important;
  font-size: 16px;



Themes for your IPython Notebook


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