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SimplE Embedding for Link Prediction in Knowledge Graphs

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A much faster version (in PyTorch) is available here:


This software can be used to reproduce the results in our "SimplE Embedding for Link Prediction in Knowledge Graphs" paper. It can be also used to learn SimplE models for other datasets. The software can be also used as a framework to implement new tensor factorization models (implementations for TransE and ComplEx are included as two examples).


  • Python version 2.7
  • Numpy version 1.13.1
  • Tensorflow version 1.1.0


To run a model M on a dataset D, do the following steps:

  • cd to the directory where is
  • Run python -m M -d D

Examples (commands start after $):

$ python -m SimplE_ignr -d wn18
$ python -m SimplE_avg -d fb15k
$ python -m ComplEx -d wn18

Running a model M on a dataset D will save the embeddings in a folder with the following address:

$ <Current Directory>/M_weights/D/

As an example, running the SimplE_ignr model on wn18 will save the embeddings in the following folder:

$ <Current Directory>/SimplE_ignr_weights/wn18/

Learned Embeddings for SimplE

The best embeddings learned for SimplE_ignr and SimplE_avg on wn18 and fb15k can be downloaded from this link and this link respectively.

To use these embeddings, place them in the same folder as, load the embeddings and use them.


Refer to the following publication for details of the models and experiments.

Cite SimplE

If you use this package for published work, please cite one (or both) of the following:

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Seyed Mehran Kazemi

Computer Science Department

The University of British Columbia

201-2366 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada (V6T 1Z4)


Licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3.0.

Copyright (C) 2018 Seyed Mehran Kazemi


SimplE Embedding for Link Prediction in Knowledge Graphs



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