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Resources and instructions for Terra & Columbus network launch

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Terra Core & Columbus Launch


This repository contains the configuration parameters for the Columbus Network Genesis. Columbus is the first decentralized network of nodes communicating over Terra Core.

Columbus-1 has now launched. This repo is kept alive for archival purposes.

Important Notes for Validators

  1. For genesis Validators: Please follow these instructions to prepare for genesis, claim rewards from the drill, and get ready for genesis.

  2. To stay updated for the genesis: Please monitor the validator chat on Discord in real time to stay coordinated with Terraform Labs and the rest of the community regarding the launch.

Genesis Background

Terra is a project that is made possible thanks to the collective effort of its global community. Those of you interested in finding out the background of its genesis please see here and our blog. Final parameter settings for Columbus can be found here.

Terra community

Community channels actively being moderated are here:

We will be making announcements regarding the launch using these channels, so please stay tuned.

Reference files

Genesis files

  • penultimate_genesis.json: The near-final genesis file, minus the gentx data validators must create and submit with this as the reference.
  • /gentx: Genesis transactions to create validators, submitted by each validator.
  • /genesis.json: The final genesis file that is be used to launch columbus.

Seed Nodes

We request known community members who wish to run public p2p seed nodes make pull requests to add community run seed nodes below.

Known seed node list:  // certus  // terraform labs // terraform labs
7e221b46a861085eee8f59afdf28454a66e650db@ // syncnode //
Known peers:
7277be5ce17d60cf26c92a7cafbb9fc7da7f2be5@ // Castlenode
c7d4783415260b92d77b5fb74b1d86c6f4e69a1e@ // Figment // Node A-Team // Forbole
2df06e5217e73f27aede0ea0a9c1b8464ee5cf05@ // B-Harvest


The foundational software for the Columbus mainnet, Terra Core, is highly experimental software. In these early days, we can expect to have issues, updates, and bugs. The existing tools require advanced technical skills and involve risks which are outside of the control of Terraform Labs or its developers. Any use of this open source Apache 2.0 licensed software is done at your own risk and on a “AS IS” basis, without warranties or conditions of any kind. Please exercise extreme caution!


Resources and instructions for Terra & Columbus network launch