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Golang implementation of the Terra Protocol

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Terra Core



The Terra Protocol facilitates the creation of digital assets Terra that track the value of major fiat currencies.

Key features:

  • A family of stable-coins pegged to major currencies, at genesis SDR, USD, KRW, JPY, EUR, and CNY.
  • Stability achieved by creating mining incentives that are countercyclical to Terra demand
  • Delegated Proof-of-Stake (Tendermint) consensus formed over the mining token Luna
  • Zero-spread atomic swap amongst Terra currencies.

Terra Core is a golang implementation of the Terra Protocol.

Terra Core builds on Tendermint consensus and the Cosmos SDK toolkits. Please make sure to study these projects as well if you are not already familiar.

WARNING: Terra Core has mostly stabilized, but breaking changes may come regularly.

Note: Requires Go 1.10+



Public Testnet Soju-0005 is online. Currently the Columbus Public mainnet is being prepared for launch.

Testnets contains latest updates to the testnet.

Terra Alliance

The current state of the Terra Alliance (businesses gearing to adopt Terra upon launch) is summarized here

Community & Contributions

Community channels actively being managed are here:

We are currently finalizing contribution standards and guidelines. In the meanwhile, if you are interested in contributing to the Terra Project, please contact our admin.


See the docs and the white paper.


Golang implementation of the Terra Protocol



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