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Terraform is an open source tool that provides a flexible abstraction of resources and providers. While Terraform is not a configuration management tool, it serves a config mgmt. purpose in an immutable infrastructure such as this.

Deploy commands

Deploy resources with the deploy-stack script. It can be run locally, or in an automation environment.

$ ./ -[option] <parameter-value> ...

#  Options_|_ Parameters_|_ Descriptions _______________________________________
#   [-f]   |  FORCE_ARG  | Force approve argument (varies depending on TF version)
#   [-t]   |  TARGET     | Environment to which to deploy the stack (prod, dev)
#   [-e]   |  ENABLE_EIP | Boolean elastic_ip feature toggle
#   [-k]   |  KEY_NAME   | Name of key pair to attach to ec2 instance
#   [-b]   |  S3_BUCKET  | Name terraform remote-state backend s3 bucket
#   [-r]   |  REGION     | Region where desired s3 bucket resides

Dev Notes

  • Default custom AMI is located in the us-east-2 region. Deployment may be done to other regions as long as the AMI meets the base dependency requirements specified in this document
Local development / State tracking
  • elastic ip feature default is OFF. I fyou wish to associate an elastic ip with an instance during local or automated deploy, MAKE SURE TO CREATE AND SPECIFY A DIFFERENT ELASTIC IP

  • If backend partial config arguments are not passed via cli opt/param, terraform will prompt user for variable values at run time.

  • If user wants to track state locally, they must comment out the following resource block in

    terraform {
      backend "s3" { }
Automation dev/prod
  • The default state tracking config for automation is via S3 bucket.

  • Current Jenkins jobs retrieve private key via AWS CLI ssm parameter command for remote-exec/file provisioning

Variable configuration
  • remote-exec and file provisioning requires name of key pair associated with ec2 instance. This private .pem file may be stored locally or retrieved at run time by the AWS CLI ssm parameter command. Default for local development is to store key locally and reference absolute path in tfvars file.

Base AMI Requirements for deployment

  • OS:
    • RHEL 7.*
    • CentOS 7.*
  • Network:
    • firewalld
    • NGINX version: 1.12.2
  • Ruby >= version 2.3.1
  • Bundler



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