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Use NordVPN in your Docker stack

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Alpine with OpenVPN and Privoxy to use your NordVPN account.


  • Connects to the recommended server for you! Provided by the API.
  • Reconnects if the load is to high on a NordVPN server (Depends on setup CRON).
  • Reconnects to random servers if specified
  • Healthcheck if the connection is not secure.
  • Privoxy to use it elsewhere, for private browsing!
  • Connect your other containers, so they have a secured connection as well. A cool Docker feature :)
  • It will download the ovpn files daily! So you will stay up-to-date with the latest ovpn files.
  • Connect to the country that you select! The API will find the fastest server.


You will need a NordVPN account.

Environment Variables

  • USERNAME Username of your account
  • PASSWORD Password of your account
  • LOCAL_NETWORK - The CIDR mask of the local IP network(s) (e.g. or or multiple networks,, This is needed to response to your client.
  • CRON You can set this variable to change the default check of every 15 minutes. This will be used to check if the LOAD is still OK. This can be changed using the CRON syntax.
  • LOAD If the load is > 75 on a NordVPN server, OpenVPN will be restarted and connects to the recommended server for you! This check will be done every 15 minutes by CRON.
  • RANDOM_TOP Optional, if set, it will randomly select from the top "x" number of recommended servers. Valid values are integers between 1 and the number of servers that nord has.
  • COUNTRY Optional, you can choose your own country by using the two-letter country codes that are supported by NordVPN.
  • PROTOCOL Optional, default set to tcp, you can change it to udp.
  • SERVER Optional, if not set, connects to the recommended server for you. If set, connects to the server you specify. Example server name format:
  • REFRESH_TIME Optional, defaults to 120 minutes. Will only re-download the NordVPN OVPN files after the set amount of minutes.

Start container

docker run -d \
--cap-add=NET_ADMIN \
--name=vpn \
--dns= \
--dns= \
--restart=always \
-e "USERNAME=<nordvpn_username>" \
-e "PASSWORD=<nordvpn_password>" \
-v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \
-v ovpn-data:/app/ovpn/config \
-p 8118:8118 \

Now you can connect other containers to use this connection:

For example:

docker run -d \
--network="container:vpn" \

For more info on networking, check the Docker docs


You can use the docker-compose.yml example for you own setup. Change the environment variables!

Start the vpn proxy using:

docker-compose up -d

For more info on networking, check the Docker docs

Use Privoxy in your browser

To connect to the VPN Proxy, set your browser proxy to ip.where.docker.runs:8118.

For Chrome you can use:

Picking a random server

To ensure that a new random server is picked during each iteration of CRON, set the following variables. Note that the higher you set RANDOM_TOP, the more random the pick will be.



Feel free to fork and contribute, or submit an issue.


Use NordVPN in your Docker stack


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