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Contrast(?) difference between original and upscaled image

FluffyDiscord opened this issue · comments

Hi, it seems that the model 003_realSR_BSRGAN_DFOWMFC_s64w8_SwinIR-L_x4_GAN.pth (haven't tried others) produces different image, looks to me like a bit of contrast is added than the original picture is, it can be seen in an example below


  • 34f3c3e4 - original image
  • 34f3c3e4_SwinIR - upscaled image using 003_realSR_BSRGAN_DFOWMFC_s64w8_SwinIR-L_x4_GAN.pth
  • 34f3c3e4_SwinIR-saved - upscaled image opened in pain.net and saved again, default settings
  • command used python main_test_swinir.py --task real_sr --scale 4 --large_model --model_path model_zoo/003_realSR_BSRGAN_DFOWMFC_s64w8_SwinIR-L_x4_GAN.pth --folder_lq input --folder_gt output
  • hw: torch 1.10.1+cu113, rtx 3080 10gb

The thing is - if I re-save upscaled image in paint.net, colors seem to match the original, I have tried this re-saving process also with other third party programs and even ffmpeg, but all of them fail(?) to fix this issue.

Original image is a game texture and the upscaled version without the process of re-saving is more saturated/bright in the game after replacement, so it's a real issue.


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