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About the flops of SwinIR model

hcy96 opened this issue · comments

Hi, thanks for your great work!

I'm confused about the MACs and Flops of SwinIR.

Do you calculate the MACs not Flops in the flops() function in network_swinir.py?

BTW, is there a bug in line848 in network_swinir.py?

I also noticed this problem and it brought me some trouble. Strictly speaking,MACs, i.e., Multi_Adds should be equal to Flops/2. So it actually caculates MACs, and the method name in the code is misleading.
What confuses me most is , the paper says MACs is evaluated on a 1280 x 720 image, but it is actually obtained based on 1024 x 720, which is implied in the code.

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