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[SUGGESTION] Optimized version for videos

forart opened this issue · comments

Hi there, SwinIR is really cool !

Sice it has been "ported" to VapourSynth (thanks to @HolyWu) some interesting discussions - with tests too - about its effectiveness on videos started:

Seems that the main issue is the processing speed, btw someone argue that the algorithm is not (yet ?) optimized for videos...

About speed: @xinntao may help to implement an NCNN-Vulkan (as already done for Real-ESGRAN)...

About video optimizations: a collaboration with @ding3820 of MIMO-VRN project may help...

Hope that inspires.

Thank you for your advice. We will look at it after CVPR deadline.

I join the request, please make an NCNN-Vulkan implementation when the time appears.

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