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Residual connection resulting in bad result

RebornForPower opened this issue · comments

Thanks for sharing your work. I tried to add the residual connection in RSTB block and STL layer,but get a bad result. The residual connection was added as figure (1) and (2).
My question is:

  • I add the residual connection between the RSTB and STL (Only added in RSTB or only in STL also tried,but the result was bad either.) The figure showed the result of have adaptive parameters residual connection only in RSTB( The red line,and the blue one is your paper original SwinIR network). Your paper have only one global residual connection in RSTB(just from input adding to RSTB output)but get awesome result. So I want to know have you ever tried like above method by adding more residual connection and also get the bad result.

  • If you have tried but get the Impressive results, could you tell me the way what have you done?
    Thanks ~

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