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Does the Classical Image Super-Resolution have color enhancement function?

hcleung3325 opened this issue · comments

I trained the Classical Image Super-Resolution with other training sets.
When I tested the model, I discovered that the color has changed to be sharper.
May I know that is this Classical Image Super-Resolution has color enhancement?

The left-hand side is swinir result.

No. It is not used in classical image SR, which follows the same settings as existing papers in Table 2.

What is your right-hand figure? Is it a LR image? What SwinIR does is to make LR images be sharper and clearer. You should compare with the ground-truth HR image to see if there is "color shift".

Feel free to open it if you have more questions.

Thanks for reply.
The right-hand side image is LR.
Yes, I compared with the orginial HR, the SR image seems similar to it.

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