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Gather and update all available and newest CVEs with their PoC.

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Almost every publicly available CVE PoC.

How it works

Trickest Workflow used:

Trickest Workflow - PoC

TB; DZ (Too big; didn't zoom):

  • Collect CVE details from cvelist (Shout out to CVE Project!)
  • Split CVEs up by year.
  • Find PoCs for each CVE using 2 techniques:
    1. References

      • Gather each CVE's References.
      • Check if any of them points to a PoC using ffuf and a list of keywords

      Regex: (?i)[^a-z0-9]+(poc|proof of concept|proof[-_]of[-_]concept)[^a-z0-9]+

      (Thanks @joohoi!)

      Note: ffuf is awesome for more purposes than just content discovery.

    2. Github

      Search GitHub for repositories with find-gh-poc (release soon!) that mention the CVE ID.

  • Merge all of the found PoCs.
  • Generate GitHub badges for each affected software version using
  • Write everything into easy-to-read markdown files.

As described, almost everything in this repository is generated automatically. We carefully designed the workflow (and continue to develop it) to ensure the results are as accurate as possible.

Use cases

  • Browse around, find a nice PoC, and test away!
  • Watch the repository to receive notifications about new PoCs as soon as they go public.
  • Search for a specific product(s) (and possibly version) to find all public exploits related to it.
  • Monitor the atom feed for a specific product(s).


All contribtutions/ideas/suggestions are welcome! Create a new ticket via GitHub issues or tweet at us @trick3st.

Build your own workflows

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Gather and update all available and newest CVEs with their PoC.

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