JeanM1996 / Agrichain-Ethereum-POC

Ethereum based distributed ledger technology.

Home Page:

Geek Repo:Geek Repo

Github PK Tool:Github PK Tool


Testing URL :::

Step To Test:

  1. Install MetaMask Crome Browser Extension
  2. Connect with Rinkeby Test Network.
  3. Open the test url.
  4. Sign-Up and Test It

Source Avabile on

Step to edit file:

  1. Download and save the file.
  2. open Node.js command prompt
  3. command "npm install", this will install all the node packages
  4. command "npm run dev", this will run the local development server.
  5. open folder "src", and you can now edit it.
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Ethereum based distributed ledger technology.

License:Apache License 2.0


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