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Deploy your CI artifacts to Dropbox

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Deploy your CI artifacts to Dropbox

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Install the gem:

gem install dropbox-deployment

This may vary in where this should go depending on your CI setup. If you are using Travis, it would look something like:

- rvm install 2.2.6
- gem install dropbox-deployment


Similar to the dropbox_api, you need to have an environment variable called DROPBOX_OAUTH_BEARER

You can create a OAUTH token here: https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps/create

Deployment looks for a dropbox-deployment.yml file in order to configure where the artifacts are and where they should go. For example:

  dropbox_path: /Builds # The path to the folder on Dropbox where the files will go
  artifacts_path: artifacts # can be a single file, or a path
  debug: true # if you want to see more logs

After creating this configuration, all you need to do is run:


This place where this goes also can vary depending on the CI setup. If you are using Travis, you would want this as follows:

  - dropbox-deployment


Since we rely on a certain function of the Ruby Dropbox API client, we are limited to 150 MB per file size. See more here

Test Locally

Just run ruby test/test.rb. Set up your dropbox-deployment.yml as desired, as well as your .env file for your OAUTH token.


  1. Adjust the version in the gemspec
  2. gem build dropbox-deployment.gemspec
  3. gem push dropbox-deployment-version.number.here.gem
  4. Tag release in git


Thanks to the following for being a great reference on how to create a command line Ruby Gem:


dropbox-deployment is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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Deploy your CI artifacts to Dropbox

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