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A shop for Wagtail CMS

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An e-commerce extension for Wagtail CMS

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Install Longclaw:

  $ pip install longclaw

Setup a Longclaw project

  $ longclaw start my_project

Go to project directory and create missing migrations

  $ python manage.py makemigrations home catalog

Do migrations for whole project and run

  $ python manage.py migrate
  $ python manage.py loadcountries
  $ python manage.py createsuperuser
  $ python manage.py runserver


  • Tightly integrated with Wagtail. Create products, manage orders, configure shipping and view statistics all from the Wagtail admin.
  • Multiple payment backends. Longclaw currently supports Stripe, Braintree and PayPal (v.zero) payments.
  • Comprehensive REST API & javascript client easily loaded via a template tag
  • Create your catalogue as Wagtail pages, with complete control over your product fields
  • Easy setup. Just run longclaw start my_project to get going
  • Simple to use, simple to change. Write your frontend as you would any other wagtail website. No complicated overriding, forking etc in order to customise behaviour.


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A shop for Wagtail CMS

License:MIT License


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