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🤖 A viewbot for YouTube.

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A viewbot for YouTube that watches your video at random and gets you views.

The Risk of a Viewbot

There are risks of using this viewbot and any other viewbot. When using a viewbot and getting caught because of excessive usage or suspicion, you may lose your views or your channel will go under scrutiny for months (you won’t be able to access your channel until the scrutiny ends). Also the video can be removed.


What things you need to install for the viewbot. Vist ChromeDriver if you don't know how to install your version of chromeDriver.

Lastest version of python


In your terminal copy and past these comands one at a time

pip install selenium

How To Run

  • step by step on how to run
    • get the video URL example
    • past video url into URL in
      URL = "Past Here"
    • finily run and see those views go up


To download chrome driver go to and download the version of chrome you run. You can find the version of chrome you run by going to settings and checking thier. After you download Your ChromeDriver put the file into the folder were the code is located. and your alset for chrom to work with the code.

Built With


If you have any problems then you can create an issues


Author - Isaiah Hamilton - Initial work - Isaiah-Hamilton

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    • Isaiah-Hamilton


This project has no Licenses.


  • Hat tip to anyone whose code was used

I did not make this to use, this was just a fun project and may be against YouTube's rules and policies.

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🤖 A viewbot for YouTube.


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