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This repository contains the source code and the content for the Prisma documentation.

Contributing to the docs

Read through the contributing guide to learn how you can contribute to the Prisma documentation.

Run locally

Clone this repository and get started by running the following commands:

npm install
npm run dev

Run functions locally

Run a local build to run the functions using the following command:

netlify dev

Make sure you have the correct path to POSTGRES_URL in your local .env file to test the functions

To prettify or format the code, run:

npm run prettify

Visit http://localhost:8000/ to view the app.


Write MDX files in content folder.

Open config.js for available config options for gatsby, header, footer and siteMetadata.

  • gatsby config for global configuration like

    • pathPrefix - Gatsby Path Prefix
  • header config for site header configuration like

    • title - The title that appears on the top left
    • links - The links for header
    • logoLink - The link to redirect on logo click
  • footer config for site footer configuration like

    • title - The title that appears on the top left
    • logoLink - The link to redirect on logo click
    • products, community, company, resources - The links for various footer
    • newsletter - Newsletter config
    • findus - Social links
  • siteMetadata config for website related configuration

    • title - Title of the website in main page
    • description - Description of the website
    • keywords - Keywords of the website for SEO

Inserting, moving and deleting files

All files/folders in the context are prefixed with a position which indicates the order in which they appear in the sidenav on the docs website. This makes it cumbersome to insert, move and delete files because the positions of a number of other files (if not all) in the same folder might need to be adjusted. Thanks to Luca Steeb, you can perform these operations with a dedicated CLI called mdtool.


wget -qO /usr/local/bin/mdtool
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/mdtool



mdtool insert 3
mdtool swap A B
mdtool move A B
mdtool remove 4

mdtool insert

Make place for a new file at given index and increment all numbers by one after that index:

$ mdtool insert INDEX

# e.g.:
$ mdtool insert 2

# Result: for files 01-a, 02-b, 03-c, and 04-d; 03-c is renamed to 04-c and 04-d is renamed to 05-d so you can create a new file at index 2

mdtool swap

Swap two files; specify both filenames (prefix numbers get automatically adjusted):

$ mdtool swap FILENAME1 FILENAME2

# e.g.:
$ mdtool swap 03-file1.mdx 07-file2.mdx

# Result: Files are now named: 03-file2.mdx 07-file1.mdx

mdtool move

Move a given file to another given index

$ mdtool move FILENAME INDEX

# e.g.:
$ mdtool move 05-file.mdx 2

# Result: 05-file.mdx is move to 02-file.mdx, plus previous files 02-*, 03-*, 04-* are incremented

mdtool remove

Shift all other items by -1 at a given index:

$ mdtool remove INDEX

# e.g.:
$ mdtool remove 2

# Result: 01-a, 02-b, 03-c, 04-d becomes 01-a, 02-b, 02-c, 03-d; 02-b is supposed to be manually deleted

Thanks Luca

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Jan Piotrowski


Daniel Norman

πŸ“– πŸ’‘

GΓ©rΓ΄me Grignon

πŸ“– πŸ’‘

Allison Clift-Jennings

πŸ“– πŸ’‘

Yao Hsiao


Daniel Weinmann


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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