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🐳 Docker config and documentation for running InstaPy with Docker

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This is the docker version of InstaPy which is declined in two categories:

  • docker
  • docker-compose

Both version used the same docker image hosted by the Docker Hub registry. We want to propose these two approaches, depending of everyone's preferences.

Tags used by image always refers to the corresponding version of InstaPy. Example: instapy:0.6.1 is for InstaPy released version 0.6.1.

The latesttag refers to the latest released version of InstaPy

InstaPy documentation

As mentioned above, docker image of InstaPy is built upon InstaPy released version. So, please always look first at InstaPy official repository documentation or issues. Someone else may have the same issue or question as yours! Otherwise, you could open an issue on this repo or ask for help on Discord on the dedicated channel #docker.

Some helpful links:

Guides and documentation


🐳 Docker config and documentation for running InstaPy with Docker

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