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This is an e-commerce starter that features a studio with a simple Next.js frontend.

This starter uses the Next.js toolkit for

Note: This starter is an example of e-commerce content models and layout. It doesn't come with a full cart and fulfilmment solution. If you're interested in how to integrate Sanity with a e-commerce solution, do join our community.


  • Live previews, including website preview for products
  • Frontend with product pages styled using Tailwind.css
  • Content types for products, ads, pages, routes, popup shops, social media

This starter comes with an intentionally sparse frontend for just products and super simple landing pages. The fun is building and tweaking it yourself?

Getting started

The quickest way to get up and running is to go to and create a new project by following the instructions there.

Enabling live preview

You can append ?preview to the landing pages, product pages and the products overview to enable preview mode when you are logged into your Sanity project. For example:


You can find the code for the in-studio preview over in /studio/src/components/product.

Running Locally

To run locally, rename .env.test to .env and add your project ID from

If you have already set up deployments on Vercel, you can also do vercel env pull to copy environment variables to your development environment.

NOTE: If your Vercel project is set up to use the Next.js framework preset, you'll have to go to the project settings under and under Build & Develpment change the development command to: npm run dev

To start the development server:

npm start

This will run the frontend at http://localhost:3000 and the Sanity Studio at http://localhost:3000/studio


The e-commerce frontend is built with Tailwind components by khatabwedaa.

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