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Developer-friendly asynchrony for Django

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Django Channels


Channels loads into Django as a pluggable app to bring WebSocket, long-poll HTTP, task offloading and other asynchrony support to your code, using familiar Django design patterns and a flexible underlying framework that lets you not only customize behaviours but also write support for your own protocols and needs.

This is still beta software: the API is mostly settled, but might change a bit as things develop. Once we hit 1.0, it will be stablized and a deprecation policy will come in.

Documentation, installation and getting started instructions are at http://channels.readthedocs.org

Support can be obtained either here via issues, or in the #django-channels channel on Freenode.

You can install channels from PyPI as the channels package. You'll likely also want to asgi_redis to provide the Redis channel layer. See our installation and getting started docs for more.


To learn more about contributing, please read our contributing docs.

Maintenance and Security

To report security issues, please contact security@djangoproject.com. For GPG signatures and more security process information, see https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/internals/security/.

To report bugs or request new features, please open a new GitHub issue. For larger discussions, please post to the django-developers mailing list.

Django Core Shepherd: Andrew Godwin <andrew@aeracode.org>

Maintenance team:

If you are interested in joining the maintenance team, please read more about contributing and get in touch!

Other Projects

The Channels project is made up of several packages; the others are:

  • Daphne, the HTTP and Websocket termination server
  • asgiref, the base ASGI library/memory backend
  • asgi_redis, the Redis channel backend
  • asgi_ipc, the POSIX IPC channel backend


Developer-friendly asynchrony for Django


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