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Realtime model synchronization between Vuex (VueJs) and Eloquent (Laravel). Vuejs client package.

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Eloquent Vuex (Client) - WIP

This is the vuejs client package for Eloquent Vuex.


npm install -S eloquent-vuex

Quick start

Configure your laravel echo driver, and add the plugin into your vuex store :

import cars from './modules/cars' // Import a example module used for the demo

import Echo from 'laravel-echo'
let echo = new Echo({ ... }) // Here working Echo configuration

// Create your vuex store using the plugin
let store = new Vuex.Store({
  plugins: [
      driver: new EchoDriver({
        channels: ['public'], // Public channels you want to listen
        privateChannels: [] // Private channels you want to listen
  modules: {
    cars // Here is our demo vuex module

Create the demo vuex module into ./modules/cars.js (it should be namespaced) :

import Mutations from 'eloquent-vuex/store/mutations'

const state = {
  all: [] // A state is required for holding all the models (default is "all")

const getters = {
  all: state => state.all

const actions = {}

const mutations = {
  ...Mutations.get() // Append prebuilt mutations for handling eloquent mutations

export default {
  namespaced: true,

Now the client has the minimum configuration for a car example module.

For this example working, make sure your created a Car model on your server side (laravel project) and you are listening modifications with Vuex::sync.

How it works

For each of your laravel models you should create a namespaced store module with the plural, snake case name of your class. When eloquent-vuex catch a mutation send from laravel through echo, the package will convert it to a mutation loaded by Mutations.get() into your module. This mutation will change the all state.


Realtime model synchronization between Vuex (VueJs) and Eloquent (Laravel). Vuejs client package.

License:MIT License


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