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OmegaFold: High-resolution de novo Structure Prediction from Primary Sequence

This is the first release for paper High-resolution de novo structure prediction from primary sequence.

We will continue to optimize this repository for more ease of use, for instance, reducing the GRAM required to inference long proteins and releasing possibly stronger models.


To prepare the environment to run OmegaFold,

  • from source
pip install git+https://github.com/HeliXonProtein/OmegaFold.git
  • clone the repository
git clone https://github.com/HeliXonProtein/OmegaFold
cd OmegaFold
pip install -r requirements.txt

should get you where you want. Even if this failed, since we use minimal 3rd party libraries, you can always just install the latest PyTorch and biopython (and that's it!) yourself.


There should be only one way to use the model:


And voila!

The INPUT_FILE.fasta should be a normal fasta file with possibly many sequences with a comment line starting with > or : above the amino acid sequence itself.

This command will download the weight from https://helixon.s3.amazonaws.com/release1.pt to ~/.cache/omegafold_ckpt/model.pt and load the model

However, since we have implemented sharded execution, it is possible to

  1. trade computation time for GRAM: by changing --subbatch_size. The smaller this value is, the longer the execution can take, and the less memory is required, or,
  2. trade computation time for average prediction quality, by changing --num_cycle

For more information, run

omegafold --help

where we provide several options for both speed and weights utilities.


We produce one pdb for each of the sequences in INPUT_FILE.fasta saved in the OUTPUT_DIRECTORY. We also put our confidence value the place of b_factors in pdb files.


If this is helpful to you, please consider citing the paper with

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Also some of the comments might be out-of-date as of now, and will be updated very soon

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OmegaFold Release Code

License:Apache License 2.0


Language:Python 100.0%