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Android app for helping memory

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1. Why did I kick-off this project?

I want to reduce study time by studying effectively. Because time is fixed(24 hour), and there are many things I want to do. So I tried to find the theory about forgetting and I found "Ebbinghaus’ memory experimentations".

To maintain memories, I have to do systemaic repeation. So I make an effort to search mobile apps related helping memories. but I didn't find satisfing app.

So I decided making app by myself for me.

2. Idea

I remembered when I was in the school I studied by using wrong answer note.

Wrong Answer Note Advantage

  • Sorting out the concept
  • Organizing my own concept
  • Repeated study

learning method

  1. Purchase note
  2. Write Concepts - Description
  3. Repeated check

3. Concrete

To make mobile app, my idea took concrete shap.

4. Prototype and Necessary requirement

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Android app for helping memory


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