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Travel tips from locals for visitors to Tallinn Estonia

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InTallinn (app)

A travel tips app for visitors to Tallinn, Estonia. The code is written in Dart Flutter.

Content Assets

The content assets (photos and article text) are derived from https://github.com/ilikerobots/intallinn_content. To generate this content, you will need to clone this repo to your filesystem.

The script "bin/sync_intallinn_content" must then be updated to point to this repo. E.g.

const INTALLINN_CONTENT_PATH = "/path/to/inTallinn_content/";

The sync script can then be run to sync image and article content:

dart bin/sync_intallinn_content.dart


You can follow these instructions to build the gallery app and install it onto your device.


If you are new to Flutter, please first follow the Flutter Setup guide.

Building and installing the Flutter app

  • flutter upgrade
  • flutter run --release

The flutter run --release command both builds and installs the Flutter app.

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Travel tips from locals for visitors to Tallinn Estonia



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