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This repository is used as a tracker for cross-functional issues that affect Vulkan users. It is meant to facilitate triaging, discussion and routing of issues that don't necessarily fit under the scope of a single project within the Vulkan ecosystem.

Map of Vulkan Ecosystem projects

The Vulkan ecosystem is a big place and there's a lot out there that is useful! In no particular order...


RenderDoc - a graphics debugger, currently available for Vulkan, D3D11, D3D12, and OpenGL development on Windows 7 - 10 and Linux.


The SPIR-V Tools project provides an API and commands for processing SPIR-V modules.


glslang is a GLSL and HLSL to SPIR-V compiler, usable both as a command-line tool as well as a library.


Source code for the Vulkan loader and validation layers, Vulkan API header files, demos and tests.


Source code for various Vulkan Tools: vktrace/vkreplay, device simulation layer, API dump layer, fps monitor layer, screenshot layer, assistant layer, layer factory framework, and Vulkan installation analyzer.


Vulkan-Hpp is a set of lightweight C++ bindings for the Vulkan API.


SPIRV-Cross is a practical tool and library for performing reflection on SPIR-V and disassembling SPIR-V back to high level languages.


Public repository for Vulkan Ecosystem issues