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  • Ubuntu 18.04 Melodic:
  • Ubuntu 16.04 Kinetic:

Simple C++ tool for converting the nuScenes dataset from Aptiv.

The tool loads the json metadata and then the sample files for each scene. The sample are converted in a suitable ROS msg and written to a bag. TF tree is also written.

Probably the original dataset is also collected by Aptiv using ROS, so most data has the same format.


The master branch targets Ubuntu 18.04 and newer. The ubuntu_1604 branch uses C++11 and has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04.

The tool is a normal ROS package. Place it under a workspace and build it with catkin.


Command-line arguments: --dataroot: The path to the directory that contains the 'maps', 'samples' and 'sweeps'. --version: (optional) The sub-directory that contains the metadata .json files. Default = "v1.0-mini"

Converting the 'mini' dataset:

Convert one scene to a bag file, saved in a new directory: Scene '0061' will be saved to 'nuscenes_bags/61.bag'

rosrun nuscenes2bag nuscenes2bag --scene_number 0061 --dataroot /path/to/nuscenes_mini_meta_v1.0/ --out nuscenes_bags/

Convert the entire dataset to bag files: This processes 4 scenes simultaneously, however the scene numbers are not processed in numerical order.

rosrun nuscenes2bag nuscenes2bag --dataroot /path/to/nuscenes_mini_meta_v1.0/ --out nuscenes_bags/ --jobs 4

Converting other datasets:

Convert a dataset with the metadata in a sub-directory called 'v2.0':

rosrun nuscenes2bag nuscenes2bag --dataroot /path/to/nuscenes_data_v2.0/ --version v2.0 --out nuscenes_bags/ --jobs 4


Currently work in progress

  • Image support
  • Pointcloud support
  • Radar support
  • EgoPose and TF support
  • Show progress
  • Better usability

Create an Github issue for suggestion, bug and requests.


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nuScenes dataset to rosbag format


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