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V+V Code Challenge



The dev ops configuration for this repository should be ready to go. If you run across any issues, don't hesitate to reach out. Please follow the steps below and you should be ready to code!

  1. npm install
  2. If you encounter any issues, try node v11
  3. Update the config.yml file
    1. password: You should have received an email with your Theme Kit password
    2. theme_id: This should be included in the email sending this challenge
  4. npm run devdeploy
  5. npm run watch
    1. If npm run watch is updating your \dist properly but not updating your theme, try running npm run themekit-watch while npm run watch is running


The repository has all the templates and logic for a full Shopify build. However, you can ignore most of the templates. For this assignment, please reference the following files.


This is where the HTML and Liquid for this page can be updated. If you are unfamiliar with liquid templating language, please see the documentation here: While you don’t need to use liquid, it might come in handy.


This is where all javascript for the assignment can live.


This is where you can add styles for the collection page.


Here you can find a function we’ve provided you access product information using the Shopify store front api. You should not need to edit this file at all. If you are interested, more information about the Storefront API can be found here.

Color Hexes

For the color swatches, you can use the following color hexes for the corresponding color names.

  • Blue: '#00BCD3'
  • Red: '#EF5350'
  • Gold: '#FEC109'
  • Brown: '#AF806E'
  • Medium Grey: '#CDCDCD'
  • Navy: '#2F3676'
  • Yellow: '#FEC109'
  • Dark Wash: '#2F3676'
  • Light Wash: '#00BCD3'



Language:Liquid 40.4%Language:SCSS 39.4%Language:JavaScript 20.2%